PNASC 2018 Lobby Day Contest

January 23, 2018 9:31 AM | Glaizll Aeme Serna

PNASC 2018 Lobby Day Contest
Together Affecting Change
Come and participate!


What is Lobby Day-? A day when nursing organizations including CANP (California Association of Nurse Practitioners) shows its strength at the State Capitol by bringing NPs face-to-face with legislators. Nurses learn about the coming year’s legislative issues and meet with legislators to help advance Nurse Practitioners agenda. This annual event is always exciting and inspirational, leaving participants empowered to continue the conversation at the local level.

When is Lobby Day? May 1, 2018 at Sacramento, CA

Current Senate Bill on agenda: SB 491 introduced by Senator Ed Hernandez (who is an Optometrist) authorizing Nurse Practitioners in CA full practice authority. Other healthcare bills which CANP support advocating for our patients will also be discussed.

PNASC Lobby Day Contest Purpose:

  • Encourage Filipino-American nurses to have an active role in legislation.
  • Be knowledgeable on issues affecting nurses and healthcare.
  • Experience meeting with legislators locally and statewide and networking with other healthcare professionals.
  • Be engaged in issues affecting healthcare.


  1. Must be a PNASC current member
  2. Submit an essay of 300 words or less to by Feb 22, 2018 addressing: “Why do I want to attend Lobby Day with PNASC?"

*** Winner will receive $300 reimbursement to help cover Lobby Day fee, travel & hotel. Winner will be notified by Mar 10, 2018.


Together Affecting Change
PNASC Legislative Committee

Committee Members:
Velma Yep (Chair), Dorian Tillano, Isidro Sarmiento & Adolfo Famas

Mission statement:
To establish an organized mechanism for keeping the general membership informed of current legislation and proposals for changes that will directly/indirectly affect the nursing profession.

Recommended Action plans for 2017-2018 goals:
a) attend Lobby day 2018 in Sacramento.
b) attend local town hall meetings regarding issues on healthcare
c) provide PNASC constituents and members of current healthcare legislative issues

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