2020 Nominations and Elections

January 06, 2020 3:59 PM | Glaizll Aeme Serna

Dear PNASC Members,

This January not only brings a new year but it is also the time for call for nominations for the next set of officers that will continue to lead our organization in the future. Therefore, on behalf of the NOMELEC Committee, I would like to announce PNASC 2020 Call for Nominations!

I encourage all members to consider placing their application for a position to serve in the PNASC Executive Board. Your experience and expertise will support PNASC's mission to promote professional excellence and contribute to significant outcomes to healthcare and society.

So, please take a moment to read the requirements and be sure to place your application – self nomination is very much encouraged- before the deadline date of FEB 4, 2020 11:59 PM PST.

Your voice and leadership is very much needed to continue PNASC's legacy as the Filipino American professional nursing organization of choice in Southern California.

Best Regards,

NOMELEC Committee
Sonia R Sabado, Chair
Mila Velasquez, Adviser
Members: Emma Cuenca
                 Gina Delos Reyes
                 Cathy Rubio


Nomination and Election 2020 Instructions
Constitution and Bylaws
Nomination Form for Executive Board

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