Committees to Join

Archives Committee

  • To preserve and log important documents and other materials pertaining to the history and activities of the organization.

Budget and Finance Committee

  • To establish specific guidelines for the development and timely submission of proposed budgets by the various Officers/Chairpersons of Standing/Ad Hoc Committees.
  • To provide a mechanism for budgetary process, monitoring of budget variance and provide timely financial report.

Community Outreach Committee

  • To demonstrate outreach and partnerships, and approaches to community engagement, education and service

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

  • To effectively amend any part of the constitution and by-laws to update or meet the needs of the organization and its constituents.

Legislative & Human Rights Committee

  • To establish organizational protocol for appropriately responding to human rights issues as they relate to PNASC members, nurses, and the general public.To establish an organized mechanism for keeping the general membership informed of current legislation and proposals for changes that will directly/indirectly affect the nursing profession.

Membership and Retention Committee

  • To increase Philippine Nurses Association of Southern California (PNASC) membership through aggressive recruitment of new members and retention of current members.
  • To establish a mechanism that will facilitate and encourage inactive members to join and reactivate their PNASC members.
  • To encourage members to join Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA).
  • To establish a system for maintaining and sustaining a membership database.

Education and Research Committee

  • To consistently provide educational programs in all PNASC/PNAA sponsored conventions/conferences as a means of promoting professional/personal growth among its members/convention participants. To promote leadership in research development (conceptual, methodological, analytical, dissemination) and utilization of culturally competent research studies of Interest to Filipino-American nurses. The ultimate goal is to set the evidence for culturally competent care for all people, facilitating the elimination of disparity in minority health.

Scholarship and Awards Committee

  • To recognize outstanding nurses of professional excellence and their significant contributions to the profession in the various fields of specialty.

Newsletter Committee

  • To establish a formal mechanism that will facilitate the timely publication of PNASC newsletter.

Public Relations/Website Committee

  • To disseminate information to members regarding programs and activities undertaken by the association.

Nomination and Election Committee

  • To establish criteria and guidelines for a well-planned, organized nomination of candidates for elective positions and conduct a systematic election process as stipulated in the Constitution and Bylaws.

Ways and Means Committee

  • To develop and implement fundraising activities/projects designed to ensure the financial viability and stability of the Association.

Practice Committee

  • To standardize operational functions in order to provide consistency and organizational efficiency in the accomplishments of identified goals.

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